The technology kit will enable us
to reinvent the world


Era 1.0

The greatest breakthroughs and disruptions of the last 30 years are based on four technology platforms. They have profoundly changed the way we communicate, consume and determine our everyday lives today.

  • Chips

    Chips were originally developed for the moon landing. Today, they are part of every electronic device.

  • Internet

    The internet is the central backbone of the global economy. The most valuable companies in the world provide their products and services via the internet.

  • Cloud

    The cloud makes it possible to outsource computing and storage capacity and provide numerous services on demand.

  • Smartphone

    The smartphone has become our constant and essential companion - it gives us access to endless knowledge.

Era 2.0

The next wave of technologies is currently entering the market. The technology platforms from phases 1 and 2 can be combined due to their digital origin and will thus enable even greater, technological advances.

  • AI

    Artificial intelligence will impact nearly every industry and every aspect of our lives. It serves as a catalyst for a variety of the technology platforms from phase 2.

  • Blockchain

    Both in our everyday lives and in industry, robotic solutions will find more and more areas of application and will increasingly drive automation forward.

  • Robotics

    Both in our everyday lives and in industry, robotic solutions will find more and more areas of application and will increasingly drive automation forward.

  • 3D-Printing

    3D printing is a fundamentally new way of manufacturing and producing things like houses, batteries or medical products. Combined with AI-software, it will create completely new products.

  • 5G

    A nationwide 5G network will enable many new applications. For the first time, we will have a highly reliable mobile data network that can process large amounts of data in real time.

  • IoT

    Internet of Things describes the interconnectivity of devices and enables a variety of automations, both in private use and in the industry.

  • Edge Computing

    Edge-Computing brings the cloud to every device. By combining local clouds and 5G, small devices become virtual super-computers.

  • Synthetic Biology

    Revolutionary techniques such as CRISPR-Cas9 and technical advances in data analysis will lead to fundamental medical breakthroughs in the coming years.

  • New Space

    New satellites will bring area-wide sensors and real-time data transmission. This enables us to better understand our planet and provides high-speed Internet even in remote areas. This brings global access to knowledge, data and healthcare services.

  • Energy

    Threatened by climate change, the need for clean, sustainable energy is becoming ever more present. We will need to find climate-neutral and scalable solutions for both the generation and storage of energy.

Era 3.0

At the same time, the development of the technology platforms from phase 3 is already starting. Although these technology platforms are not yet ready for the market, they will lead to further, enormous upheavals in the future and have a massive impact on our lives.

  • Brain-Computer-Interface

    The direct link from brain to computer will give us access to endless knowledge without having to press a key. Hopefully in the next 10-20 years, we will be able to cure diseases, but we probably won’t have a universal brain app store yet.

  • Longevity

    Thanks to medical advances, we already have significantly higher life expectancies than previous generations. Due to exponentially developing medical breakthroughs, this perspective will increase significantly.

  • Quantum Computing

    Quantum computers will be able to perform calculations and applications for which today's supercomputers require very long computing times. They will be used, for example, in route optimization.

  • Nuclear Fusion

    Nuclear fusion will, in due time, provide us with an infinite, sustainable and climate-friendly source of energy. However, since this technology still needs 25-30 years of development, we should only see nuclear fusion as a supplementary option.

  • Singularity

    Singularity is the point at which artificial intelligence continues to develop itself and is no longer controlled by humans. From that moment on, artificial intelligence is “smarter” than the human who created it.

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Mindset for a thriving future

Digitalization was just the beginning, the biggest revolution for mankind starts now!

Flying cars, autonomous driving, 3D-printed houses and lab-grown meat - what sounds like a science fiction movie, is already a reality. We are on the verge of a new age. Building upon digitalization, technologies like artificial intelligence, 5G, robotics, quantum computing and synthetic biology will bring profound changes to the world we know today. The impact on our everyday lives and our economy will be immense. The Internet-Era alone created companies worth over 7 trillion dollars - but only the US and China reaped the benefits. The upcoming era of exponential progress offers many new opportunities. Europe needs a mindset shift, a unique 10xDNA to take advantage of these prospects. 10xDNA will inform and inspire those who wish to understand how our world will change in the next decade. Instead of fearing the unknown, we should embrace the opportunities to build a strong, fair and diverse Europe.